Free plugins

Before he invented Terraform4D, Frank also actively contributed Cinema 4D plugins to the Open Source scene. Here are a few of them. Download them for free, use them for your projects, learn from the code, or improve upon it.


The Flock Modifier is a modifier object for the good old standard particle system in Cinema 4D. It allows to easily apply the behavior of flocks, swarms or schools to the particles.

The modifier uses a distributed behavioral model, as described by Craig Reynolds in his 1987 SIGGRAPH paper “Flocks, Herds, and Schools: A Distributed Behavioral Model”. Several of the classic “Reynolds Rules” are implemented.


A Cinema 4D plugin that implements an oscillator which generates a number of variable waveforms, as well as an XPresso node and a tag that make use of the oscillator.

Additionally, a waveform preview is rendered to a BitmapButton CustomGUI.


A simple Cinema 4D plugin that projects the points of a spline or polygon object on geometry. It is basically like Cinema’s own “Project” command, but implemented as a deformer, working with both, Splines and Polygon objects, and working non-destructively.


A simple Cinema 4D plugin that lets you chain up wagons and drive them on tracks. This is great for trains, roller coasters, basically anything that moves on tracks/rails.