INSYDIUM LTD acquires Terraform4D

We are pleased to announce that INSYDIUM LTD has recently acquired Terraform4D!

INSYDIUM LTD is the creator of X-Particles, the acclaimed particles and VFX solution, and Cycles 4D, the powerful Cycles renderer connection for Cinema 4D. Terraform4D will become part of INSYDIUM’s product line. Terraform4D’s creator Frank will from now on work exclusively for INSYDIUM, further advancing the plugin into a bright future.

Terraform4D customers who bought before May 11th, 2021 will shortly be contacted by Frank, and asked for their consent to transferring their customer data to INSYDIUM LTD, where they can enjoy continued support of Terraform4D, and receive special offers. Terraform4D remains on sale until May 31st, 2021. Purchases made from May 11th, 2021 will not be eligible for special offers from INSYDIUM.

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