Terraform4D is the art directable, layer-based terrain generator for Maxon Cinema 4D R20 – R23.

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Terraform4D is the highly art directable, layer based terrain generator for Maxon Cinema 4D. With it you can create an infinite number of landscapes in high resolution.

Key features

  • Fully procedural, non-destructive workflow
  • Create terrains from fractal functions, bitmaps, C4D shaders, splines, or gradients
  • Combine using multiple blend modes
  • Alter and fine tune your terrains using e.g. curves, blur, sharpen, or folding
  • Utilise topological masking and Cinema 4D Fields
  • Shade your terrain via the Operator Shader, using data from any terrain operator


  • Maxon Cinema 4D R20, R21, S22, R23
  • For R23, at least version 23.110 is required.
  • Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS


  • Plugin: English, German
  • Help: English


  • When purchasing, you get a perpetual activation key that is locked to your machine. You can get one key for R20, and one for R21-R23.
  • Point updates to Terraform4D are free and will work with your activation key.
  • No license required for use in TeamRender and Command Line.


  • Students, schools, universities, colleges, you can get a discount. Contact us!
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