Building terrains

Object manager, all operators on
Operator objects in the Object Manager

Terrains in Terraform4D are built from Operator Objects that are stacked on top of each other, just like layers in an image processing application.

Operators can be generators or filters. While generators add features to your terrain, filters alter it. Combine that with sophisticated masking and a multitude of modes to blend operators together, and you have a mighty powerful terrain generator.

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Generators add new content to your terrain. They are responsible for creating mountains, hills, valleys, rivers, and whatnot.

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Filters alter your terrain.

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Blend modes

Just like in an image processing application, operators are merged with their predecessor using a multitude of blend modes.

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Operators can be constrained using Terraform4D’s masking features:

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Terrain Options

Curved Terrain

The Curved Terrain option projects the terrain on a spheroid with variable radius, giving the impression of a planetary surface.

Curved Terrain
Curved terrain

Solid Terrain

The Solid Terrain option creates a solid base around the terrain, as if it had been sliced from a larger landscape. The UV coordinates of the base geometry make it easy to apply sedimental texturing.

Solid Terrain in Terraform4D 1.1
Solid terrain in Terraform4D 1.1

Evaluation & Caching

Terraform4D uses a sophisticated evaluation and caching system. Only the operators that have changed will be rebuilt, and changes in dependencies and animation are recognised. That keeps terrain build times at a minimum.