Blend modes

All Generators can be blended with the previous operators using different blend modes.

Here is a list of the blend modes Terraform4D offers:

Below, you’ll find example animations. A noise is first blended with a gradient and then with another noise, using each of the blend modes.


This mode simply replaces the current height field with the operator.

It does get interesting in conjunction with masking, though.

Blend Mode: Normal


The two height fields are added together. This is the mode you will probably use most often, as it is ideal for adding details layer by layer. It is also the default blend mode.

Blend Mode: Add


The two height fields will be subtracted from one another. Subtracting an operator with high mountains will create valleys.

Blend Mode: Subtract


This blend mode calculates the absolute difference between two height fields. Using it with two identical height fields will result in a completely flat plane. Slightly offsetting two identical height fields from each other will create a kind of edge-finding effect. And with two completely different height fields this blend mode can create interesting effects.

Blend Mode: Difference


The two height fields are multiplied with each other.

Blend Mode: Multiply


This blend mode gives results similar to Lowest mode, but preserves the structure of the underlying height field. It works well for making craters, ravines, sinkholes, etc.

Blend Mode: Phoenix

Phoenix inverse

This blend mode behaves similarly to Highest mode, while still preserving the structure of the underlying height field. Potentially a good choice for adding mountains to an otherwise flat landscape.

Blend Mode: Phoenix inverse


This blend mode simply chooses the lower value of the two height fields. It’s ideal for cutting off mountain tops, or tearing deep ravines into a terrain.

Blend Mode: Lowest


This blend mode chooses the higher value of the two height fields. Very useful for adding mountains to a plain without altering the whole terrain.

Blend Mode: Highest