Generators are a type of Operator Object in Terraform4D. Unlike filters, generators are used to add new features to your terrain, generating mountains, hills, valleys, rivers, and more. They can also be blended using the many available blend modes.

Terraform4D provides you with several different generators.

Noise Operator
TF4D Generator: Noise
Generator: Noise

This operator offers a multitude of fractal noise functions. This allows you to create structures from pseudo-randomness, and is a staple in terrain generation.

Shader Operator
TF4D Generator: Shader
Generator: Shader

This operator allows you to use bitmaps, or (almost) any Cinema 4D shader to create your terrain from. This way, you can incorporate existing height maps into your terrain, or get totally crazy by using shader trees.

Spline Operator
TF4D Generator: Spline
Generator: Spline

The Spline Operator, as you might have guessed, allows you to use splines to shape your terrain. Draw river beds or mountain chains with ease, or use Cinema 4D’s parametric splines. Even deformed splines are supported.

Gradient Operator
TF4D Generator: Gradient
Generator: Gradient

This operator is a good way to quickly add single mountains, lakes, walls, or artificial looking structures to your terrain. Choose between radial, linear, or rectangular gradients, and shape them via a profile curve and distortion.

Group Operator
TF4D Generator: Group
Generator: Group

This operator does not generate any features by itself, it rather works as a tool for organising your terrain setup. You can group any number of operators together, welding them into a single operator object. Scale, move, rotate, and mask them as you fancy.

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