Operators can be restricted to certain areas of the terrain by masking.

Terraform4D offers different ways of creating masks:

Topological Masking

One way of masking is to restrict operators based on the terrain’s topology. That’s very easy with Terraform4D’s topological masking.

TF4D Masking: Altitude
Topological masking: Altitude

Mask areas according to altitude…

TF4D Masking: Slope
Topological masking: Slope

…or slope angle. This gives you rocky cliffs, and sandy plains.


TF4D Masking: Fields
Masking with Fields

Additionally to masking operators according to topology, you can harvest the powers of Cinema 4D Fields to constrain operator influence on a local basis.

Use the whole palette of Fields to mask your operators.

TF4D: Masking with Fields
Masking multiple operators with Fields

Manage Fields comfortably in the Fields list, and use them to combine operators precisely as you want.

TF4D: Animated Field Mask
An animated Field mask

You can even animate your Fields….

TF4D: Masking with a Python Field
Masking with a Python Field

…or program your own.