Operator Objects

Operator objects are the bread and butter of Terraform4D. Every terrain is made from operator objects that are combined to create the final terrain.

There are two kinds of Operator objects:

They can be…

  • blended with each other using different blend modes, and
  • they can be masked using terrain topology and Fields.

Operator handling

Great care was taken to make operator objects feel like normal Cinema 4D generators or deformers, even though they actually operate in terrain space. They take full advantage of Cinema 4D’s object system, and are very intuitive to use.

TF4D: Handling a Noise operator
Handling a Noise operator

Explore the infinite noise space with the Noise Operator…

TF4D: Handling a Shader operator
Handling a Shader operator

…position, rotate, and scale shaders or bitmaps with the Shader Operator…

TF4D: Handling a Gradient operator
Handling a Gradient operator

…place mountains, walls, and other things with the Gradient Operator…

TF4D: Handling a Group operator
Handling a Group operator

…and handle whole operator groups, using the Group Operator.

Operator Visibility

Object manager, some operators disabled

Operators can be deactivated using the tick, and the traffic lights in the Object Manager. The latter even allows for operators to be used only in a preview or Picture Viewer rendering.